I have taken coffee for many years now, ever since I was a teenager. But then, my dad also loved coffee and I guess that’s where I got this trait from. Today, I try my best to make the best cuppa in the morning and it helps me start off the day on a high note.

Besides freshening up my day, I have also learned that drinking coffee at least once in a day has many health benefits. It puts at bay many types of conditions and illnesses. Stroke and diabetes’ risk can be lowered by drinking coffee regularly. That is why I like doing myself a favor all the time by getting out that mug, and sitting down to a fresh cup of my favorite brew.

Like every other coffee drinking enthusiast, I know one thing for sure, that to make the best brew, you must have the best coffee maker or the best budget espresso machine. I did have one, but after serving me for many years honorably, she gave up the ghost on me recently and so I have to get a new one. However, this time around I have decided that I will not get just a plain coffee maker. I am going to look for one that has a coffee grinder.

And so after giving myself a couple of days to lament the retirement of my former coffeemaker, I was in the market looking for the best all-in-one coffee maker. I buy all of my stuff online because things are cheaper there and there is more variety. However, this variety means that at times, it can be hard to get the best especially if it is the first time to buy. Thankfully, resources like hand coffee grinder reviews help newbies to make the right choices. If you need a grinder-coffee maker, you should check it too.

After some time, I made up my mind on what machines I would buy. I needed two of them, one as the main machine for daily use while I would keep the other one for backup. Here are two reviews of the two best all-in-one coffee makers that I decided to buy.


Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew

Cuisinart DGB-625BC

Cuisinart is one of the most respected names in coffeemakers world and for that alone, I would recommend this one to anyone. The DGB-625BC is one of those machines that come as a godsend as the quality and durability is assured and at the same time, you can make up to 12 cups of coffee with this one. It is good for making coffee for the entire family or for guests when you are hosting some. Coffee is an all-time favorite drink and the DGB-625BC will help you serve it in style.

The bean grinder is in-built as you must have guessed from the name and it is automatic. This means that it will only grind the amount of beans enough for the water that you have measured. No wastage at all. With a charcoal filter for the water, well, you are assured of the best, freshest and most amicable cup of coffee that you have ever taken.

From a casual glance, this coffee maker looks like it can take a good beating. It looks so sturdy and compact. It also looks very stylish, you know, the kind of coffeemaker you would buy to just look good on the kitchen counter when you are not using it.


  • Large – 12 cups of coffee capacity
  • Settings for keeping coffee hot for hours
  • Carbon filter for fresh coffee
  • Looks very stylish
  • Has option to use old coffee


  • A bit pricey


De’Longhi ECAM23260SBDe'Longhi ECAM23260SB

Buy this coffeemaker and you will be glad you did because it will allow you to make one at home, drink up whenever you feel like and your mug of coffee will always be fresh and charming. It packs so many features. For example, it has options for whole beans as well as a chamber for already pre-ground coffee. With a large water tank, you can be able to make 60 oz of coffee. With an auto-clean function for the milk carafe, this is one good coffeemaker to invest in.


  • Has good filtration system
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Customer care is very supportive
  • Burr grinder has 13 settings
  • Large


  • Too large
  • Expensive