Nothing can ruin your day like taking horrible tasting coffee. Such coffee is simply not fresh enough because you have not ground your own coffee beans. Since I learned the secret of grinding fresh coffee beans, I ceased buying ground coffee from the stores. You should also begin grinding your beans today. You will taste a significant difference in your brew.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons for this:

Freshness is enhanced

ground coffee

The already ground coffee you see on the store shelves do not indicate their ground date. Coffee beans do change in taste as time goes by. But, when you grind your own beans, you will be certain of taking fresh coffee. You will save your beans from going stale. The depletion of CO2, moisture and oxidation are major factors that make coffee beans go stale. How is this?

Moisture – The oils found in coffee beans dissolve in water. The water solubility makes the coffee you take smell good and taste delicious. These precious oils in coffee beans can easily dissolve even in the air moisture. So, it does not mean you must have lots of water for the oils to dissolve. Grinding coffee beans forms a large surface area. This area is suitable for moisture to absorb these oils. As a result, the dilution process speeds up.

CO2 depletion – In absence of carbon dioxide, the oil from coffee beans could not transfer to your coffee. The best thing with grinding coffee beans is that it forms an added surface area for carbon dioxide to evaporate. Naturally, beans are highly porous. This is not a great thing if you grind your coffee and fail to brew it immediately.

Consequently, if you keep your coffee beans improperly, they might lose their CO2. Most essentially, you should not let your ground coffee sit for days. If you do, the coffee might lose a major element behind its great flavor and aroma.

Oxidation – Oxidation is a process whereby compounds connect with molecules in the air to form distinct molecules. Coffee beans also have similar complex compounds. These compounds are responsible for the flavor and aroma in ground coffee. However, some of these compounds are unstable. This lack of stability does make these compounds to change easily.

Oxidation helps in releasing the desired aroma and flavor compounds from coffee beans. Grinding the coffee beans will speed up the oxidation process. This is beneficial if you brew your ground coffee immediately. Waiting too long might interfere with the aroma and flavor of your ground coffee. Your coffee will get its unique aromas and flavors from oxidation. Nonetheless, oxidation takes place whether you brew your coffee instantly or later.

coffee beans

I love grinding my coffee beans because of the authority I get in terms of grind size. Grind size has a great effect on coffee flavor and aroma. Brewing superb coffee is fully in your control. Great command over every step in your brewing process affects the quality of your coffee. Therefore, you should use the right grinder to get top quality ground coffee